All About Beer

Beer is one of the world’s oldest alcoholic beverages and is closely linked to the beginnings of civilization.

It’s development was closely linked to the cultivation of grain, in particular barley and wheat. The making of beer soon became and intergral part of Egyptian society and was a staple of their diet. The flavours that first attracted the peoples of antiquity are still common in today’s styles.


The Key Elements To Tasting Beer


Appearance: Colours will range from straw to golden brown to black depending mainly on the degree to which the barley is roasted. Beers may also appear clear or cloudy or opaque.

Aroma: Sweetness comes with the malted barley while flowering or bitter smells depend upon the amount and type of hops.

Taste: This is a very subjective experience, common terms to describe taste are crisp, fresh, sweet, malty, nutty, fruity, bitter, roasty, flowery, hoppy and on and on…

Body: This relates to the ‘mouth feel’ or density of a beer. Some people like a light tasting product while other gravitate towards a full-bodied, heavier taste.

In the last analysis it’s all about balance and personal preferences.

Draught Beer & Freshness

Beer is different than wine because it is not usually meant to age. Only additives, excessive filtering, preservatives or refrigeration can extend its life. In other words, beer is best when it is fresh.

This is the reason The Neighbourhood Group was the first chain in Ontario to fully embrace Ontario Microbrewed draught beers. It’s the freshest and most natural beer available for our guests.

Most of these beers are made from four simple ingredients: malted barley, hops, yeast and water. The beer then undergoes very little processing – you can taste the fresh and natural quality!!