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MONDAY- 11:30am - 12am

TUESDAY - 11:30am - 12am

WEDNESDAY - 11:30am - 1am

THURSDAY - 11:30am - 1am

FRIDAY - 11:30am - 2am

SATURDAY - 11:30am - 1am

SUNDAY - 11:30am - 12am


Guelph’s Great Meeting Place

Perhaps the Wooly concept is best represented by renowned Canadian artist Charlie Pachter’s "Queen on a Moose” paintings. These pictures conveyed what would happen if a British pub was transferred to Canada. That pub would feature local foods, beverages and decor. It would be an "All-Canadian” pub featuring the best of the British pub culture. A "local” or home-base pub for its guests.

The Woolwich Arrow was inspired by the Ontario micro-brewery "explosion” that occurred in the late 1980’s. The brewery industry was dominated by 3 large companies for over 40 years until the start of the craft brewery phenomenon. Teaching a course on beers at the University of Guelph Bob Desautels was keenly aware of this development. When an opportunity to open a pub in downtown Guelph emerged he decided to feature only small micro-brews on tap.

The rest is history!

To see a REALLY GREAT video of The Wooly Pub please click here.