Guelph Mercury's 2014 Readers Choice Awards

The people have spoken again and the results are in.

Gold Award Winner: Best Family Restaurant

Gold Award Winner: Best Pub 

Gold Award Winner: Best Road House/Sports Bar

Gold Award Winner: Best Environmentally Friendly

Silver Award Winner: Best Lunch & Outdoor Patio

Thank you Guelph from all of us at The Wooly. 

Guelph Tribune Readers' Choice Awards - November 2013

The people have spoken and the results are in.

The Wooly: Voted #1 Bar!

The Wooly: Voted #1 Friendliest Pub!

The Wooly: Voted One Of The Best Pubs!

The Wooly: Voted One Of the Best Environmentally Friendly Restaurants!

The Wooly: Voted One Of The Best Fish and Chips!

Thank you to all for your confidence and continued support. Meet you at the Wooly!

They Say Such Nice Things

"Chosen as one of only five places in Canada where you must have a beer in your lifetime.”

All About Beer, U.S. Magazine

"The ultimate pub in which to sample… (local ale) produced by Wellington Brewery.”

Saveur Magazine, New York

"It treats its lagers and ales with more care and attention than virtually any other bar in the province, and it shows in the glass.”

Toronto Star